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May 29, 2006

Digimart hosts Happy Hour at Producers’ Network

Andrew Pulver, Xan Brooks, Charlotte Higgins (The Guardian, UK)

Digimart hosted a sun-filled terrace cocktail at Cannes on May 21, 2006 bringing together international decision-makers and producers from around the world. Over 200 industry representatives came out for the festive event, including many of the digital pioneers and innovators featured as guest speakers at Digimart’s first landmark edition in Montreal 2005. A huge thanks to all for joining us for this first Digimart Cannes get-together! What a fabulous way to celebrate the digital revolution and help each other move forward as we embrace the power of digital distribution!

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May 28, 2006

Digimart at the Producers’ Network at Cannes 2006

Howard Kiedaisch (Arts Alliance) et Sheila de La Varende (Digimart)

As an official moderator for The Producers’ Network at the Festival international de Cannes 2006, Digimart Executive Director Sheila de La Varende hosted several roundtable discussions with international producers from May 18-25. The discussions covered a diversity of issues including digital screen networks, Day and Date releases, online self-distribution strategies and other emerging digital business practices. Thanks to the enthusiastic and energetic presentations of Peter Broderick (Paradigm Consulting), Howard Kiedaisch (Arts Alliance), Donald Ranvaud (Rain Networks) and Jason Kliot (OpenCityFilms), participating producers learned first-hand from pioneers who are developing new business models in film production and distribution.

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