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July 28, 2006

Welcome to Digimart's new website

This space was designed to provide film and television industry professionals with up to date information about emerging digital distribution practices and to give them the opportunity to exchange with leading figures of the digital revolution. As innovative strategies, new devices and platforms transform the way we do business in film, can you afford not to be connected with those who are blazing new trails in digital distribution?

Just click and connect to the digital revolution!

Here you will find regular updates on activities and confirmed speakers attending Digimart’s Global Digital Distribution Summit, to be held from October 16-18 in Montreal. Here you will find news, comments and views from around the world on current issues in the realm of digital distribution. Here you can also view the presentations of those who are pushing the envelope on digital distribution.

By offering this marketplace of ideas, Digimart aims to help the global film community make connections where none previously existed and in this way, give filmmakers, producers, distributors and exhibitors the tools necessary to make their way in this new digital era.

Join us for Digimart 2006, in Montreal from October 16-18!

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