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March 7, 2007


The Digimart team would like to express a heartfelt thanks to:

-- All the partners and collaborators whose support and guidance made possible this unique event in 2005 and 2006.

-- All the speakers who participated in the Global Digital Distribution Summits - your generous contribution to the discussions on the digital future were truly inspirational.

-- All the industry representatives who came from near and from afar to forge new partnerships and to shape distribution models for the new digital economy.

All Digimart conference videos can still be viewed here

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March 6, 2007

View the Digimart Conference Videos!

In October 2006, Digimart held the second Global Digital Distribution Summit bringing a total of 31 digital innovators and leaders from Europe, Asia, Latin America, Canada and U.S. to Montreal, to share their stories, experiences and insights on the digital revolution with over 300 film and media professionals from around the world.

The event focussed on the opportunities and challenges related to the major technological changes that are reducing costs, dramatically increasing access to global markets and splitting demand across a range of platforms. Current copyright issues, as will the marketing challenges presented by the unprecedented power of the Internet were also featured.

Check out all the conference videos here

You’ll gain:

-- An update on new digital cinema networks that have been launched around the world.
-- Insight on the changing landscape of theatrical distribution.
-- Perspective on the growth of on-demand services worldwide.
-- Direct reports from leading-edge filmmakers who have developed successful financing and self-distribution models.

Participating speakers in 2006 included:

John Perry BARLOW, Fellow, Berkman Center fot Internet & Society (US), Andrew BARON, Founder, Rocketboom (US), James BOYLE, William Neal Reynolds Professor of Law, Duke Law School (US), Peter BUCKINGHAM, Head of distribution and exhibition, UK Film Council (UK), Susan BUICE, Writer/Director/Producer, Four Eyed Monsters (US), Alex CHAN, Filmmaker, The French Democracy (France), Arin CRUMLEY, Writer/Director/Producer, Four Eyed Monsters (US), Ira DEUTCHMAN, President & CEO, Emerging Pictures (US), Cory DOCTOROW, Canada-US Fulbright Chair, USC Center on Public Democracy, USC Annenberg School (US), Robert GREENWALD, Director, Brave New Films/ Robert Greenwald Productions (US), Fritz GROBE, Founder, EepyBird.com (US), Jennifer JENKINS, Director, Center for the Study of the Public Domain, Duke Law School (US), Scott KIRSNER, Editor, CinemaTech (US), Jason KLIOT, Co-President, HDNet Films (US), Bjorn KOLL, Director, Salzgeber & Co Medien GmbH (Germany), Bhuvan LALL, President/CEO, Lall Entertainment (India), Jeff MACPHERSON, Creator, Tiki Bar TV (Canada), Jeremy NATHAN, Joint CEO, Dv8 (South Africa), Drazen PANTIC, Director, Location One/OpenNet/Direct Video Network (US), Jonah PERETTI, President, BuzzFeed (US), Mark PESCE, Founder, FutureSt (Australia), Eric PRIEST, Resident Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet & Society (US), Laurie RACINE, Co-Founder/President, dotSub (US), Donald RANVAUD, Head of International Relations, Rain Network (Brazil), Lisa REIN, Co-Founder, Dabble (US), Kees RYNINKS, Head of Documentaries, The Netherlands film fund/CinemaNet (The Netherlands), Ted SARANDOS, Chief Content Officer, Netflix (US), David STRAUS, Co-Founder/CEO, Withoutabox (US), Tiffany SHLAIN, Filmmaker/Director, The Tribe (US), Lance WEILER, Filmmaker, Head Trauma (US), Peter WINTONICK, Filmmaker/Producer, Necessary Illusions (Canada).

Participating speakers in 2005 featured:

Peter BRODERICK, President /Paradigm Consulting (UK), Peter BUCKINGHAM, Head of distribution and exhibition /UK Film Council (UK), Nicolas CLAY, Chairman & CEO /Avica (USA), Mark CUBAN, President /HDNet (USA), Ira DEUTCHMAN, President & CEO /Emerging Pictures (USA), Cory DOCTOROW, European Outreach Coordinator /Electronic Frontier Foundation (UK), Lucinda ENGLEHART, Distributor /Spier Films (South Africa), John EVERSHED, CEO/Mondo Media (USA), Rickard GRAMFORS, Project Manager/Digital House/Folkets Hus och Parker (Sweden), Mark HOOPER, Vice-President of Technology and Development/DigiScreen (Canada), Ken JORDAN, Digital Multimedia Consultant/Open Network (US), Stefan KASPAR, Producer/Grupo Chaski (Peru), Chow KEUNG, Producer/Xstream Pictures (China), Jason KLIOT, Producer/Open City Films/HDNet Films (USA), Bjorn KOLL, Director/Salzgeber & co/CinemaNet Europe (Germany), Gary LERHAUPT, President/Prodigem Inc. (USA), Fabio LIMA, CEO/Rain Network (Brazil), Rob NILSSON, Filmmaker (USA), Drazen PANTIC, Director/Direct Video Network (USA), Mark PESCE, Digital Media Programme Australia (USA), Liz ROSENTHAL, Producer/Earthly Delights Film (UK), Kees RYNINKS, Head of documentaries for The Netherlands Film Fund/Managing Director, CinemaNet Europe (The Netherlands), Neil SIELING, Consultant for Strategic Partnerships and Digital Media/Link TV/Interra (USA), Nico SIMON, Vice-President/Europa Cinemas/Utopia (Luxembourg), Steven STARR, Founder/Revver (USA), David VADIVELOO, Series creator & Director/US Mob (Australia), Patrick VON SYCHOWSKI, Head of strategic business development/Unique Digital (UK), Brian ZISK, Founding Board Member/Future of Music Coalition (USA).

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