Kees Ryninks

Head of Documentaries, The Netherlands Film Fund

Since 2001, Kees Ryninks has served as head of documentaries at the Netherlands Film Fund, his task to reorganize and “professionalize” the Dutch documentary sector. In 2002 he initiated DocuZone, which involved equipping ten film theatres with state-of-the-art digital equipment for showing documentaries. In 2004 this concept was expanded under CinemaNet Europe, a digital distribution network for European art-house films.

Ryninks began his career in the Dutch film industry as a sound recordist. After studies in direction and production at the National Film School (Beaconsfield, England), he returned to the field as a cameraman, where he held various posts before becoming an independent producer and director for the BBC, Channel Four, and ITV.

In 1997, after heading up three production companies, Ryninks moved back to Amsterdam, where he founded Ryninks Films. Ryninks has produced 20-plus theatre documentaries since 1993, six of which have won major awards in Europe and America.